You know, coaxing a smile out of a person is a skill that all photographers should have, especially more so if you happen to be a professional photographer. After all, there are times when your subjects are having a tiff (a husband and wife’s portrait shots could be held on the day when they were actually going through some difficult moments together), so you might want to reserve some of the wittier comments that you picked up along the years of your trade to introduce a smile into the frame.

As for kids, they too, can be very temperamental, although a frowning kid might eventually end up as an Internet meme, but other than that, capturing their emotions is definitely an art. For folks who have already run out of the supply of silly songs, crazy faces, and fantastic prizes so that kids will glance your way as you shoot an image, here is a product which might just save the day (and your reputation) – the Shutter Huggers!

Just what are Shutter Huggers? Well, their name gives the game away – they are actually custom plush characters which will attach to your camera lens, and are perfect to give children something fun to focus on, resulting in a more relaxed photoshoot as well as more natural portraits. Forget about reaching into your bag of tricks, as the Shutter Hugger on your DSLR ought to be more than enough to help you attract their attention, and there is also no need to say, “Cheese!”

Shutter Hugger Minis too will make adults laugh, especially for those with a penchant for some kid-like fun. Shutter Hugger Minis will attach to smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices easily, allowing you to shoot great photos and video, letting you instantly share them with friends and family since there is no need to sort through the photos as you pick out only the nice ones – all of them will be nice.

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