A typical morning at my house begins the same way everyday. I always ask my husband how he slept, and he always informs me that he was up all night. This is constantly a revelation to me, as I am a night owl, often up till 2 or 3 am and he goes to bed at 10, and never once… have I seen the whites of his eyes, or had silence from the snoring in over 10 years…

That being said, a new device is on the horizon that will end the blatant distrust I have for my husbands alleged sleep habits and can help him get better sleep in the bargain, SleepRate is designed for folks who want to check on, or improve their sleep using reliable, measurable data. The system uses Smartphone applications in order to upload heart rate signals from a heart rate monitoring device that is worn overnight. Then, Cloud-based algorithms analyze the information and go on to provide sleep management and improvement tools to the user, by way of a convenient “sleep dashboard”.

Sleeprate is a whole family of new and innovative products that can help us learn how we sleep, and how to get better sleep all within the privacy of our own homes. The company wants us to all be able to gain enhanced well-being by achieving the best nights sleep possible. I know my well-being will be enhanced just by being able to say “You slept like a dog and you know it!” and then be able to prove it!  Ah, I love the small victories!

SleepRate uses a formula that analyzes sleep based on heartrate, (so now I’ll not only know how well he slept, but if he had that Jennifer Lopez dream again) anyway, SleepRate insists that this heartrate method is highly accurate as well as being comfotable, affordable and compatible with most heart monitoring devices. Nighty-Night Rabbit.

For pricing, or more information please visit www.sleeprate.com

source: www.hypnocore.com

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