With the advancement and miniaturization in electronics these days, you can never quite tell just which device is a spy camera, or at least, comes with some sort of surveillance mechanism within to watch your every move in an unsuspecting manner. I would suppose jealous spouses who wonder what’s going on with their other half who started to dress up sharper than ever before, splashing a dash of cologne or perfume before going out, will find such spy devices to be helpful in behavorial monitoring. Well, you can add the £79.99 Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera to the arsenal now – as this is touted to be the smallest Wi-Fi camera in the world.

Just how small is it? Well, it won’t be bigger than your average walnut, and yet crams in enough technological wizardry to shoot video at 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution, while ensuring all of that data will be streamed directly to a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device. All you need to prepare beforehand is get the free Smart-i app and you’re good to go. All footage can be saved on the device itself, so you need not stash an additional SD memory card with you.

Each full charge of the Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera will enable it to shoot up to 2 hour straight, and it has a decent visual of up to a 100 meters outdoors with fair lighting conditions. Just make sure the place where you’re staying at won’t dip below -10°C or go beyond 50°C in its temperature reading, otherwise the Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera will start to act up. Hmmm, maybe that extreme temperature is why your “target” is acting all wonky in the first place?

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