Welcome one and all, to the future, the days have arrived where the cheesy sci-fi movie scenes of yesteryear are actually coming true. Case in point, check out these new eyeglasses, you’ve seen them before, they just weren’t a reality, until now…

This SmartVision product consists of a pair of spectacles incorporating EnahancedView technology which can actually be linked to most commonly available IT sources like your mobile phone, PDA, portable DVD Player, Laptop or Netbook, and… wait for it… Video Game Consoles. Hence, these glasses let it’s users dispense with a monitor altogether, the view is in the glasses!

Soon, you might be able to cut our computers loose from monitors completely and be able to project graphical information onto your world by augmenting reality, does it get more sci-fi than this?

Later this year, Laster Technologies based in a Paris suburb, says it will be releasing its first-generation SmartVision spectacles, which will project VGA-resolution color images on the INSIDE of the glasses, powered by a smartphone or a tablet computer and connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

With ad-ons like gesture and voice command, cameras and object recognition I can honestly say I’ve seen the future… and it’s looking right back at me.


Source: www.spectrum.ieee.org



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