I once received a freebie from my bank that was a combination tape measure, calculator, and notepad with an included pen. I thought that was cool until I saw the Smart String.

The Smart String is like a tape measure but without the tape. In its place is 50 feet of 20 pound strength string. The string is not as wide as traditional measuring tape, which means you can get more in less bulky space. It also enables the user to measure less than straight shapes, like the circumference of a ball, for example.

The digital readout means that the user is no longer looking at tick marks, and the reading is accurate to three decimal places. Once the user has his or her measurement, he or she can use it on the calculator. The built-in calculator can store 3 measurements within its memory, in case you need to do a real-life story problem.

All this, plus a flashlight as well as a level bubble. Clearly, the Smart String is the way of the future for tape measure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a new standard. One day, we might look at traditional tape measures like we look at rotary phones.

You should be able to get the Smart String for $11.99 on ThinkGeek now.


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