We have written about the Smartfish Mouse Pad Travel Pouch before, and it was made for products like the Whirl Mini Laser Mouse.

I got a chance to try them both out. I can honestly say that I like the Whirl Mini Laser Mouse with its patented ErgoMotion pivot system. The company says that it is like “floating in air”, and the mouse tilts to adapt to your wrist, which helps eliminate static joint pain.

The Mouse Pad Travel Pouch is also handy, as it can zip up to become a pouch for the Whirl Mini Laser Mouse. When unzipped, the Pouch becomes a 9-inch diameter mousepad, which is also handy for when your mouse doesn’t react well to your table surface.

The only thing I didn’t like about using these products together is that the Smart Whirl Mini Laser uses a wireless dongle. I am not comfortable with the idea of storing the Whirl Mini in the Travel pouch with the very small dongle. I feel like the dongle is just doing to get easily misplaced in the pouch, and then what will I do with the mouse? Does anyone know if it is easy to replace those wireless dongles?

Perhaps if there was a zipper pocket or even a small-sized pocket to store the dongle, then it would be a marriage made in heaven. As it is, it is quite a good marriage here on Earth.

If you want to try this out for yourself, feel free to head over to the Whirl Mini Laser Mouse for about $49.99 here and the Mouse Pad Travel Pouch for about $14.99 here.

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