So you have more or less tried just about any and every kind of game on your smartphone device, and are looking for a new experience? Enter the $9.99 Smartphone Controlled Foam Fighters, where it turns the virtual world into the real one, at least with some creativity and imagination on your part. Basically, this purchase will let you fly a fighter plane from the World War II era, and you are able to embark on missions such as intense dog fights, bombing runs, formation flying, as well as escorting different units of soldiers. You can opt to be part of the Axis or Allied groups, and with another 8 of your friends over a local Wi-Fi connection, there is plenty of fun and mayhem to be had.

Each plane will unlock different campaigns, and you can pick up points along the way to install upgrades to your planes – with what else but different weapons, of course! The app can be downloaded from the Android and Apple App Stores.

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