Is there anything that could be more appropriate to bring back than smell-o-vision? Considering that 3D is helping bringing people back into the theaters, why not this fad?

Right now, there is a French company called Olf-Action (“Olf” for olfactory) which makes Odorvision, which can somehow emit scents through these jet engines.

Olf-Action wants to target these SMELLIT devices not for theaters but for home theaters and video games. As you can see in the picture, God of War is going to look pretty spectacular when you can sniff it.

Ah, smelling the game, won’t that be grand? What you see here is a rendering of it, and the device will be on display at the Lisbon Design Show.

By the way, you should see the smell list for this at my Source. It reads like a jukebox of odors, and 20001 is “Smell naked body”. Another is “Scent of a Woman” on 30001. Well, I wonder what type of game you are playing when those scents are mixed. The world may never know.

So, are there any games that you want to play with scents? I know a lot of games usually have a level that takes place in a sewer, and I really don’t want to bring that scent to my living room.

Feel free to insert any joke that mixes scents with video games here.


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