It is not every day that I get to say that a device can “change everything”. That really is a big boast, and SnapKeys will probably just change the way we type. Hey, for a writer, that is everything.

I first saw SnapKeys at CES last January. At the time, it was just typing on an invisible keyboard, and I didn’t think much of it. They showed me how it works now at CTIA Spring 2011 Showstoppers last night, and it is quite impressive.

SnapKeys works with six boxes that can be accessed with the users thumbs. There are four boxes devoted to the letters, and this is where it gets kind of complex. Find out how it all works after the jump.

In the green box are the letters where two points hit the ground, and the yellow one is for letters where one point hits the ground. The pink box are the letters with a closed circle, and the blue box are letters with a wide base. That is a little complicated, and somehow those letters are enough to usually form the right word. If it isn’t, then hit the “Sp” key on the right and find the right one with a swipe. I believe the “Bk” key on the left is the Backspace key.

According to the guy from the company, it is easy to adapt to, and ten-year-old kids can do it. This is definitely a new way to type on a touchscreen that could really catch on, but we will see.


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