As long as the sun is out, the Solar Butterfly that you see here will definitely flit around your garden joyfully, even though there is nary a single flower for it to feed on, seeing nothing but patches of weeds everywhere. All you need to do is place the stake with solar panels in your garden outdoors, although you can also opt for your favorite potted plant if you want to, and the Solar Butterfly will flutter around, moving its wings just like the real deal.

Of course, during those downcast, rainy days, if you’re so used to having a faux butterfly move around during the mornings, there is always the option to throw in a single AA battery to keep its fluttering action going. The solar stake stands at 16″ tall, where the butterfly is 2.5″ tall and 2″ wide. You will be able to choose from Orange Monarch or Yellow Swallowtail, and this is one butterfly that won’t die after a few days.

How much, you ask? The Solar Butterfly can be part of your garden’s make up for $11.99.

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