Retail and Licensed Business Models

The 9thXchange’s patented software application is designed for use as both a stand-alone, digital file auctioning Web site ( and a hosted’ software solution that resides on our servers, accessed through our client’s Web sites.

The 9thXchange’s hosted solution is a licensed application that operates the auction, distribution and management of digital files for other companies’ Web sites. This provides Internet portals and major brands the opportunity to offer their own, private label auction on their site, earning them new sources of revenue on content that has never before been monetized.

Our retail web site is a destination Web site that sells content created by others, to customers.  The Web site will host the most comprehensive and current collection of digital files ever available anywhere, including games, music, music videos, movies, digital art, sports content, famous authors, and more. Anyone can view and preview items, but only members can actually bid on, buy or sell items on The 9thXchange.

Third-Party Guarantor
Security and trust is critical for the success of an online, digital marketplace. As the auctioning and selling of digital files increase, a 3rd party “guarantor” is needed to create a sense of authenticity and credibility in a trusted digital auction environment. An alliance with The 9thXchange Inc. presents customers with an unprecedented combination of infrastructure services with secure solutions to transact digital marketplace business.