Digital Auction Software

The 9thXchange offers the most secure digital rights management software (DRM) available, preventing illegal file trading and ensuring that content creators are paid for their work.  The 9thXchange’s patented software application is designed for a hosted solution residing on our servers and accessed through a client’s Web site as their digital auctioning Web Site  The 9thXchange’s hosted solution is a licensed application that operates the auction, distribution and management of digital files for other companies Web sites. This provides Internet portals and major brands the opportunity to offer their own, private label auction on their site, earning them new sources of revenue on content that has never before been monetized.  This same secure technology also provides companies with the opportunity to implement a secure auction, distribution and digital file management solution with a quicker start up time, controlled costs and reduced tactical barriers.  The private-label license arrangement includes assistance with integrating to the client site so that it takes on the latter’s look and feel while maintaining technical integrity.