When I was growing up I always wanted to be the kid that could play guitar, I constantly ran around with a tennis racket (okay it was probably badminton racket, but saying tennis seemed a lot less less dorky) pretending to be a rockstar, I even made a half hearted attempt at taking some lessons. Unfortunately I never had whatever it is that it takes to even learn a few basic chords, so to this day, I still wish I could play music.

Well, a music playing apps developer, has partnered with Ultimate Guitar, the world’s largest online community of guitar enthusiasts and information, to release a new app called Songful, a virtual guitar, that gives it’s users the ability to play any of the thousands of songs that are on Ultimate-Guitar.com website, whether they can actually play guitar or not!

Based on instruMagic’s award-winning “ZAP Guitar” technology, Songful creates a guitar-playing experience that is equally engaging for both musicians and non-musicians alike, all without an actual guitar. Combining Ultimate Guitar’s huge database of licensed chords and lyrics, with instruMagic’s groundbreaking technology, they have created an awesome app for all of us who always wanted to play, and even real guitar players can take their ‘songful’ guitar with them anywhere their iPad can go.

Songful is an app for anyone who always wanted to play music.The new Songful app is scheduled to launch on iPhone and iPad this August. Check it out at www.instru-magic.com. Time to empty out the garage and start that all girl band…  anyone sing?

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