The LiveSound™ hi-fi headset, for exclusive use with most Sony Ericsson phones treats your ears, enables hands free operation and keeps you looking stylish. Having received a pair to test I found it gives a rich, full sound. Though many earbuds lose sound quality, LiveSound headset held on to highs and lows and did a great job in isolating from outside noise. As a headset the microphone easily picked up my conversation too. Music was automatically paused for incoming calls and resumed upon hang up.

Along with the microphone, the left cord contains volume, mute functions, play/pause and next track/previous track controls and the LiveKey™ button. Yes, the LiveSound™ hi-fi headset is also compatible with Android LiveKey™ technology. Press the button and, with LiveWare Application Manager installed, compatible apps enable you to take pictures and videos or use voice commands to send texts and emails or even control sports apps while you exercise. All from the convenience of your headset!

In true Sony style the LiveSound™ hi-fi headset adds flare to the Ericsson look. Plus the flat, tangle-free cord means no more scrambling to untie a cable mess that other headset cords inevitably form.

Available in four color combinations you can find one to fit your look. The headset comes with four sets of tips in two colors to fit any ear or preference. So though the left earphone tends to fall out due to the weight of the controls on the cord, you can adjust the tip for a snug fit.

If you are an Ericsson owner the LiveSound™ hi-fi headset is THE way to go handsfree!

Buy them now for just £46.40

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