I wish that I was at IFA right now, as Sony is making truckloads of announcements about their new products.

One of them is HMZ-T1, a head-mounted wearable 3D display that promises to create an experience of watching 3D or 2D pictures on a movie theater-like virtual screen that is 750-inches on its diagonal.

That is quite a boast, and I know that most wearable video glasses from other companies say that they can reproduce the experience of a normal big-screen TV.

Sony plans to pack their HMZ-T1 with two 0.7-inch OLED panels with HD resolution (1,280 x 720). It will also have 5.1 surround sound speakers integrated in the unit, with a processor unit with two HDMI interfaces (input and output) for connecting televisions, consoles, or Blu-ray players.

It will weigh in at 420 grams, with a size of 180 x 168 x 36 mm. The HMZ-T1 has a 45 degree horizontal viewing angle for viewing that giant screen.

The HMZ-T1 plans to go on sale in Japan on November 11. As far as I know, this is the biggest electronics company that has created video glasses. Most of the video glasses that I have seen come from independent companies, like the MyVu. If the HMZ-T1 is a hit in Japan, then Sony could succeed in cornering the market in video glasses.


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