Soundmachines Turntables Drop the Needle For an Optical Sensor Created by Berlin-based design studio The Product, this set of three unique turntables was built for the premiere of Volkswagen’s new Beetle at the 2011 IAA motor show. Instead of vinyl, it uses discs with concentric geometric patterns to produce music.

While the patterned discs sit below a glass surface where they endlessly spin, the turntable’s arms are still accessible, and can be placed anywhere over the discs. The needle at the end of the arm, which is typically used to play or scratch vinyl records, was replaced with an optical sensor that detects the patterns on each disc. As they’re detected, they’re turned into electronic music through a piece of software called Ableton Live.

Now I have my doubts the Soundmachines is going to replace the revered Technics 1200 anytime soon, but who’s to say this technology wouldn’t be embraced by the DJs of tomorrow? Maestro Fresh Wes might even have to re-write this song. [The Product via Creative Applications]

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