Here at we have already told you about the availability of civilian space travel, now I’m not naming any names, but some of us are simply a little too nervous to just whip into space, no matter how comfy the ride may be. Thats not to say I’m not curious…

Well, let me introduce you to Spacecraft 3D, a NASA-created application that brings some of the agency’s amazing robotic spacecraft to life. The app uses animation to show how spacecraft can maneuver and manipulate their outside components and it’s able to put high definition, three-dimensional models right into the hands of kids of all ages. And it has augmented reality capabilities to boot.

Spacecraft 3D uses the iPhone or iPad camera to overlay information on the device’s main screen. The app instructs users to print an augmented reality target on a standard sheet of copy paper. When the device’s camera is pointed at the target, the spacecraft chosen by the user materializes on screen.

Spacecraft 3D also has a feature where you can take your own augmented-reality picture of the Rover or GRAIL spacecraft. You can even take a self-portrait with a spacecraft, putting yourself, or someone else in the picture.

Spacecraft 3D is currently only available at iTunes for your iDevice, but it should be available on other formats in the near future and best of all, its free.

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