Your mortgage company requires you to carry home insurance in Virginia, but do you really know what you are covered for? You may not want to sit down and read over the policy itself, but you can talk to an insurance specialist to highlight the policy coverage. Policies differ for different homes and areas, but most provide coverage in case of fire, theft, rain or hail damage, broken water pipes, and tree damage. Are those the only threats to your home?


Consider where you live. You may have a home that is in a flood zone. Do you need specific coverage for hurricanes or tornadoes? If you have other buildings on your property, do you know if your insurance covers damage to them? It is important to make sure you understand your insurance before you need it.


Many policies limit the coverage on the contents in your home. There may be exclusions for antiques, valuable jewelry, guns, or valuable artwork. Don’t trust your most valuable possessions to chance. If you have outdoor equipment, like a trampoline, you may not be covered if a child gets injured. Have you spent a lot of money landscaping or do you have a historic home? Additional insurance will cover your losses.


Talk to your insurance company about your home and property. With their help, you can maximize the coverage of your home insurance in Virginia while staying within your budget. Tailor a portfolio of insurance protection to your needs.