In this day and age of insecurity and economic turmoil, it is essential for the consumer to invest wisely. Canadian Maple Leaf Gold is a wise and solid investment because it is the official bullion gold coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. As far as coins go, it has of the purest gold content from Canada, and containing almost no other metals.

A consumer can invest in various denominations of the Canadian Maple Leaf Goldfrom as little as one-twentieth of an ounce to one full ounce, in troy ounces. These coins were first issued in 1979 and continue to be available each year to investors. As you may already know, gold is one of the best investments to be made in an unstable economy. It has shown its strength over the last couple of years, doubling in its value during this time. For someone who wants security with regards to investing their money, gold is the answer. Just look around to the many investors who place their money with confidence in this metal, or the markets that show how valuable it is.

It is safe to say that the economy on a global level, and especially in Europe and the United States is seemingly grim, making other investments very risky. Not only do the bullion coins provide a great investment for the pure gold content, but they also maintain a certain value with regards to collecting. That said, a collector should keep in mind that, although .9999 is the current purity, it was not always so. The first years it was in circulation, from 1979 to 1982, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold bullion coins contained .999 gold content.