The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Gold coin, the official gold bullion coin of Canada, is considered to be the most beautiful coin in the world, and is collected by eager investors from all corners of the globe. This popular coin was first created in 1979 by Walter Ott, and was manufactured from gold that is mined entirely from the gold mines of Canada. Due to the fact that it was intended for investment purposes only, and would not be circulated or handled very often, it is made without an alloy, which is normally used to strengthened gold coins, and has a gold content of 99.9 percent pure gold.

Although the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold is traded by gold dealers from all over the world, it is predominantly popular in the Far East and India, where even small weights of pure gold is the most accepted and traditional form of gold bullion investment. Apart from the traditional one ounce and original coins, it is also available to collectors in one twentieth, one tenth, and one half Troy ounces, with a one million dollar coin made available in recent years as well.

Whichever of the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coin is purchased though, collectors buy it with absolute confidence, knowing that they have made an excellent investment, due to the fact that coins of this purity are found nowhere else in the world. These coins are not only purchased because of their beauty and exquisite design though, but collectors are fully aware too, that their investment is perfectly secure and will undoubtedly increase in value, as the price of the popular metal rises.