Did you ever have someone say something to you, a word or a phrase that causes you to break out into song? Like the other day I asked my mom if she had managed to get her shopping done, and she replied “Yesterday” which led me to the most embarrassing Beatles rendition that should absolutely never be replicated… ever.

Well, to hear the story be told, that same thing happened to the creator of the newest game craze, Spontuneous, aptly dubbed the game where lyrics come to life. The difference is, instead of just laughing off the phenomenon, he created a totally cool board game. Using what are called “trigger words” players score points by being the first to sing at least five words of a song containing one of the triggers. When you score, you roll the dice and advance on the gameboard. One thing though, once you use a song, it can’t be used again for the rest of the game.

The game is fast paced, super entertaining and is just about perfect for a group of friends, young and old alike, my mom AND my 7 year old loved it. It’s rare to find a game to play with the whole crew where the playing field is pretty darn level, and it’s even more amazing just how much music you can find inside your brain when you really need to.

So get your hands on the newest game craze, and be the first to break it out at your next party, available now for $29.99 from www.spontuneous.com

Talent is optional.

Source: www.spontuneous.com

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