What you are seeing here is essentially a way of turning any pair of eyeglasses into a heads-up display (HUD).

It might not be as effective as one of those video goggles by Vuzix or Myvu, but what you see in the image aren’t really designed for watching videos on the go. These Sportiiis sacrifice video detail for effect, as there are seven colored LEDs that light up and flash as a warning to the user.

For example, if the user can connect to existing performance monitors like pedometers or heart rate chest straps that use the ANT+ protocol, it can light up in response depending on the level of activity. Like if you reach your optimal heart rate, you will get a green LED. I suppose that you will get a yellow LED if you are above or below your target.

For some reason, my Source only talks about how these Sportiiiis can be used for athletic activities, but I don’t see why other uses can’t happen as well. For example, could a blue light come on when I have a call, then I would answer it with my Bluetooth headset. See? I thought of that, just now.

The Sportiiiis should be available in November for about $199. By the way, it is Sportiiiis with 4 i’s, like Mississippi. Unlike the old joke, it has four i’s and it can see, at least some things.


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