Sprint Might Buy Out Clearwire to Own Its 4G DestinySprint owns a majority of Clearwire, the company it partners with to deliver 4G WiMax. Clearwire is a troubled little company: It poops money like a baby with bloody diarrhea, and it needs to spend $600 millionish to upgrade its network to LTE.

So Sprint’s thinking about buying the rest of the company outright, along with some additional investment from cable companies, some of which have already sunk a fair amount of money into WiMax as an efficient way to deliver wireless broadband to customers (to compete against Verizon and AT&T, who are pissing on their turf with video services like FiOS and U-Verse). According to BusinessWeek, a few things could happen: Sprint could invest more in Clearwire or buy it outright, perhaps with Cox and Cablevision, who’ve been in talks with Sprint.

Whatever happens, as long as our Clear 4G dongles keep on being awesome, we’re happy. [BW]

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