Stander: The Best Cop Is a Bad Cop Cop movies are so predictable: Bad Guy does bad thing. Good Guy (cop) chases bad guy. Good Guy (cop) saves woman from Bad Guy, but Bad Guy gets away. Good Guy (cop) has sex with woman. Bad Guy does another bad thing; Good Guy (cop) gives chase. Bad Guy gets the drop on Good Guy (cop). Briefly. Good Guy (cop) escapes and apprehends/kills Bad Guy. The end.

Unless you’re talking about Stander, a most unpredictable South African true crime film, in which Good Guy (cop), becomes a badass, uncatchable bankrobber (Bad Guy,) and leads his former colleagues on an incredible months-long chase set to a pitch-perfect backdrop of Apartheid angst, late-70s style, and kick-ass music. It’s based on the true story of police captain-gone-bad André Stander, and I don’t want to give away any more of the sweet deets. But you should watch it. Like now. [Netflix Streaming]

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