You would have thought that living in the space age where we are able to travel to far away planets, galaxies even, and something as simple as a doorbell would not have been powered by a trio AA batteries. I guess that is the case with the £24.99 Star Trek Door Chime however, as it has proven that the aesthetics might prove it worthy of being part of the Star Fleet, but the technology itself has yet to catch up in this side of the galaxy (and time). You will not find yourself getting beamed up anytime soon, but at least you are able to access your “quarters” as well as the “vessels” of others while announcing your arrival through this officially licensed motion-sensitive door chime.

Modelled on the original ‘old-school’ Star Trek communicator panels, it is a snap to mount, and will come with a trio of distinctive sound effects – a push-button Communicator Whistle, Door Opening sound and a Red Alert alarm. I guess those who are not hardcore Star Trek fans would most probably give this puppy a miss, others might want to look into it further and consider a purchase.

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