Calling all Trekkies – it is time you introduced a change to your home, letting all and sundry know just which is your favorite sci-fi series of all time. Forget about the door knocker – that is too old school, while a regular doorbell is just too mainstream. Enter the $29.99 Star Trek Electronic Door Chime instead. This motion-sensitive door chime will target fans of the Star Trek series and then some, where it can be mounted on either side of a door. Whenever someone triggers it, you will be alerted – regardless of whether that is a Klingon, Vulcan, or other forms of life right at your doorstep.

First appearing as a wall communicator panel in The Original Series, you can choose to have the door opening sound effect kick in, or for those with a funny bone, have the Red Alert alarm sound. Either way, you will be alerted of a (non-)hostile presence right at the front of your home, so you will be able to know whether to take evasive action or to welcome him/her/it in for a diplomatic discussion. Being an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is powered by half a dozen AA batteries.

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