Many women, and some men, feel a chill of fear on a dark night walking alone. They’re not frightened of aggressive wildlife or natural disasters. They fear becoming victims of crimes. Most people never think about all the places crime can happen. Take, for example, your night out on the town. You’re drinking with friends, your guard is down, you’re wearing something less restrictive because the club is hot and you may even be looking for a romantic entanglement. You chance putting yourself at risk for nightclub sexual assault if you’re not careful.


Being aware that this is a risk for you is the beginning of preventing something bad from happening. Before you begin drinking, take in your surroundings. Note the high-traffic areas where you’d be less likely to be singled out by someone looking to take advantage. Watch the security guards for areas in which they don’t have a good line of sight. Figure out where the bathrooms are. If they’re down a hallway, plan to go as a group and stick to that plan.

Personal Responsibility

Each of us has to accept responsibility for our own behavior, also. Common sense tells us:

  • Don’t drink to excess.
  • Don’t go anywhere alone.
  • Designate a sober driver, use a rideshare or hop on public transportation.

Even when you’re having fun, personal safety is important.