When it comes to gaming peripherals, your choices are just like multiple choice questions – all of them sound right from one point or another, but when you dissect it down, you would realize that there is only one answer for you – and that answer might not necessarily be what other people have chosen. SteelSeries knows this, and hence they have a wide range of new mice which we will cover in the coming days, but for now, here is the Ion Wireless Controller.

Thanks to a licensing partnership with Zeemote Technology Inc., the SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller was specially designed to play nice with the computer, in addition to delivering classic control schemes to touchscreen devices such as tablets and phones, where a virtual button layout definitely cannot beat something that has tactile feedback. After all, it can be rather hard to wean yourself off something which you have grown up with, not to mention there is no physical feel of virtual buttons, leading one to press the wrong button during times of gaming stress.

Bluetooth connectivity is summoned for action in this case, where it is a snap to customize and configure thanks its own application on the device. One advantage of the Ion Wireless Controller would be its size – it measures roughly the size of a standard deck of cards (108mm x 55.5mm x 18mm) and can be stashed away or carried easily without breaking your back. A white LED light is there to let you know whether it is connected or not, while a rechargeable, lithium battery inside ensures you are able to enjoy up to 20 hours of wireless use before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. You can plug this into your device for charge and play use as well if you do not mind living the tethered lifestyle for a while.

The SteelSeries Ion boasts comes in a classic controller design that comprises a couple of mini-joysticks, a left side Dpad button, 2 trigger buttons one at each shoulder, and a four button layout on the right, which means there is very little learning curve for those who are already familiar with Nintendo, Xbox 360 and PlayStation controllers. No idea on pricing, but the SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller is being prepared for a Q3 release this year.

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