In case you doubt the headline, let me reassure you that it is true. Stevens Institute of Technology actually made a product call SkyNET.

Have we learned nothing from the Terminator movie series? I can see why we didn’t learn from the last two Terminator movies, because there wasn’t much to learn from them that wasn’t already said in the first two films. Do you really want to create robots that can fly around like in those killer-robot films, and then name them after the evil corporation that is in these films?

The SkyNET isn’t made with big guns, but this a Linux box, which uses a Parrot A.R. Drone for flight. It is designed to fly within the range of a wireless network and electronically attack it. In other words, this thing is like the annoying moth flying around your home, and jamming you. I am told from my Source that it is difficult to trace.

Just picture the scene in the movie where the hacker is being hacked by a better hacker. He doesn’t know what is happening, and he has tried everything. Then he goes outside to see if someone is tampering with him externally. He then sees the SkyNET, hovering, but it is too late. The cops are already there.

Yeah, you’ve seen a movie like that. Hopefully, there won’t be a scene where the flying robots really come down on the rest of humanity.


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