You know how cats like to play with the ball from the laser pointer? This is Sticky Light is a laser ball that people can play with.

The Sticky Light is designed by people at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Hasimoto Laboratory, and it uses a laser diode, steering mirrors, and a non-imaging photodetector in order to perform its amazing ability that you have to see.

If you want to skip whatever I want to write about the Sticky Light and go to the video clip after the jump, I would not blame you at all.

I might as well spoil it for you. The Sticky Light is so named as it can somehow attach itself to whatever it is pointing to. You will note how it goes around the heart, and a Sharpie marker makes it go in different directions.

You will notice that there seems to be some sort of sound effects going on. I’m not certain what is up with that. However, I like how someone can hold the light in the palms of their hands. I also like seeing light go through a maze as well.

I am not certain what you can use the sticky light for, other than entertainment, but if there is a laser involved, then there is scanning. This is where an advancement like this could get practical.


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