Where can I buy rare earth magnets is a question that may be on the minds of many consumers. Rare earth magnets are super-strong magnets. Advancements in recent technologies make neodymium magnets the most sought after permanent, commercial magnet material that is available today.

Rare earth magnets are available in many shapes and sizes. Arc, cube, block, disc, ring and rod are just a few shapes; however, there are also cylinder and sphere shape magnets. Manufacturing a magnet consists of two different processes. Magnets are either, sintered or bonded. Compacting fine, alloy powders and then heating this alloy, makes a sintered magnet. Bonded magnets are held together with polymers; this makes a bonded magnet quite strong. A sintered magnet is somewhat like a ceramic, while it is solid; it is more susceptible to breakage. A bonded magnet is stronger, physically than a sintered magnet; however, it is not capable of producing more energy. A nickel, copper, nickel coating is the final touch to help prevent corrosion, while providing a smooth finish.

For those consumers who may be wondering, where can I buy rare earth magnets for a reasonable price; the answer is easy. The World Wide Web is one of the best places to shop. In only a few minutes time, hundreds of magnets can be easily seen. Prices are moderate, with many magnets selling for under $10.

Luckily, for consumers today, magnets are very affordable. Amazon has many different types of magnets for sale. Amazingmagnets.com, rare-earth-magnets.com, and radioshack.com are all good sources for rare earth magnets. Magnets are sold as part of a kit, or individually. Amazon sells six, neodymium sphere magnets for only $9.99. These spheres are 3/8” in size. Kjmagnetics.com and magnetsource.com are websites that specialize in rare earth magnets.

Rare earth magnets are commonly found in many everyday appliances. As technology grows, the need for super-strong, compact magnets continues to grow. Appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners could not function without the help of powerful magnets. Cell phones, thin-screen televisions, PCs, digital cameras; all of these high-tech products require rare earth magnets to function properly.

Automobiles contain neodymium magnets, also. Car speakers, seatbelts, motors for electric power steering, air conditioning compressors, electric brakes; all of these have rare earth magnets built-in. Many vital components, within every car that rolls off of the assembly line today could not function properly, without super-strong magnets.

Where can I buy rare earth magnets may be the question and the answer is easy, online. Magnets are powerful tools. Our world today cannot function properly, without the benefit of neodymium magnet power. In the near future, it is thought that magnet motors will help create free energy, as well.

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