Superhero Axon is one bright guy

Superhero Axon is one bright guy

So, what is this?

Sorry. Usually I don’t start my postings this way, but I just don’t see the safety of wearing a suit with a bunch of wires attached to it like this.

Well, you can see a video here of how cool it is after the jump.

Anyway, this was designed by students from the Technical University Eindhoven, and apparently this electronic outfit is the uniform of a superhero named Axon. As far as I know, Axon has no super-powers in real life except the 260 and 52 reed switches.

Well, I suppose that Axon could use a movie, a better movie than the YouTube video here. I mean, his powers are supernatural, but there doesn’t seem to be any more backstory on that but he does “stop evil”. Is there some translation here that I am missing?

Yeah, I think we need a bit more special effects before Axon becomes the next summer blockbuster, like Green Lantern. That film is coming this summer, and I believe that his glowing costume Ryan Reynolds is sporting is just a CG creation.

Until then, Axon looks like he could be an extra for Tron. Just an extra, mind you. There’s no way Tron would look at Axon and call him anything but a sissy.


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