There must be a very good reason that the euphemism “sweet memories” are thought up of – they leave a pleasant, long lasting smile on your face that you do not mind reliving those moments over and over again. Well, how about turning “sweet memories” into something that is literal? This is where Cocoagraph as a company comes in – it is said to be able to transform your collection of favorite Instagram pictures into blocks of yummy chocolate. Yes sir, chocolate, the ancient aphrodisiac (as claimed by some quarters) and the stuff that most kids love, will now be able to feature your favorite memories on them – before you gobble them up as dessert after a family reunion dinner, of course.

After getting snapped up for $1 billion by Facebook for taking over the world by storm, Instagram is a program that allows people to snap photos and upload them nearly immediately, while throwing on some sort of image filter to give the captured photo a retro look. I guess regardless how popular Instagram is, the reach of chocolate is far further, and when you merge two and two together, what you get is a potentially explosive partnership that shows synergy working at its best.

Cocoagraph wants Americans to be able to give what they deem to be the perfect present, a chance to eat one’s very own favorite memories, and this is done through the printing of Instagram photos straight onto the confectionery.

You will find that these specially printed chocolates will come in the classic vintage sepia tones of Instagram, where over at the Cocoagraph website, you are able to upload your photo, throw in some borders of your choice, and if you absolutely have a cracker of a line to include, throw in your fair share of custom messages. Based in Philadelphia, Cocoagraph delivers artisan chocolate bars printed with edible Polaroid-style photographs. They do not come cheap though, where a solitary bar will set you back at $8.50, while if you decide to settle for a trio of smaller chocolates, they will retail for $12. Memories that you can keep forever? Not quite, but they’re absolutely delicious!


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