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—Seems a few people forgot to read IDC’s tablet report extra carefully this weekend and as a result of that the whole tablet thing was deemed to have come up short of “lofty expectations” or something. But they’re actually fine.

The IDC report, you see, only covered that period of time between January to March 2011, not Q2 2011, which as we all know is the period between April and June. If we’re reading it correctly “tablet sales” (which kind of mean iPad sales at this time), are doing super, with an expected seasonal dip in the period directly following the holiday being something that was well-known, expected and discarded as yesterday’s news.

What we should really be focusing on when it comes to how healthy the tablet market is what’s coming soon. Case in point, Apple is reportedly ready to say that in Q2 it sold many, many more iPads than the 7.2 million tablets (all types) sold in Q1, all by its lonesome.

So, yeah. If you’re still looking for a tablet don’t be scared. They’re part of a healthy, growing market (iPads anyway, for now), and haven’t stalled in the slightest. [Fortune]

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