It would be an understatement to say that the iPhone changed the way we looked at and used phones – after all, full touchscreen smartphones never really caught on with the masses until Apple introduced their game changer 5 years ago. Well, some are still resistant to the idea, and decided to stick to a QWERTY keyboard on their handsets instead, although such phone models are slowly but surely getting fewer in number. Tactus Display might want to change things by introducing a touchscreen display that actually morphs from a numeric dialpad into a QWERTY keyboard, ensuring that fans of either side of the divide are able to get their input format of choice – you can either go touch, or physical. It would be interesting to see just when Tactus Display will introduce this technology into modern day smartphones, giving the choice back to consumers instead of dictating trends for them. According to Tactus Display, their technology will see action in real world products from next year onwards, so we intend to keep a keen eye peeled out for this when it happens.


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