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Insurance Options for California’s Cannabis Industry

The emerging cannabis industry is a great source of opportunity for people who want to open a new business, but finding accurate information about the various services and supplies needed can be difficult. Not only is there a lot of unintentional misinformation out there because of innocent misunderstandings and constant changes to the legal landscape,

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Identifying the Cannabis Industry’s Unique Business Risks

Legal cannabis production and sales have been a tremendous success wherever they have been introduced, creating jobs and tax revenue that bolsters local economies. At the same time, its regulation is still a patchwork system the federal government refuses to participate in or change its stance toward. As a result, managing your business risks while

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Insurance for California Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis business insurance is a relatively new field, but it’s a fast-growing one. Today’s producers, distributors, and retailers opening in newly legalized markets need support for their operations, after all. Like other businesses, they need coverage that meets them within their business model. Unlike most other businesses, though, there is not a long operating history

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