The Camelbak Hawg is a favorite pack for Navy SEALs. You do not need to be in the military, however, to enjoy its well designed and rugged features. Serious mountain bikers and hikers benefit from its easy one-handed operation. The enormous dry cargo volume is also a useful aspect of the backpack for those who are hiking or biking to a campsite.

Finding Water on the Trail

Those who participate in vigorous outdoor activities know the importance of maintaining hydration. A 20 oz. bottle of water attached to your bike or hip is not going to last for very long if you plan a multi-hour excursion. You could put a gallon jug of water in a regular backpack. Anytime you wanted a sip, you would have to stop your bike, take off your pack, unzip it, have a drink, and put it all back together. This will do more than slow you down; it will drive you crazy. The sensible solution is a backpack design with an incorporated large water reservoir connected to the rider by a water tube and mouthpiece. The Camelbak Hawg is designed with a 100 oz. water tank, equal to about 3 liters. It has one-hand flow control for drinking. The drink tube can be fitted under the arm or over the shoulder, depending upon what is comfortable for your riding style.

Lugging Your Gear

Dragging all of your equipment to a resting stop or campsite can be a pain as well. You might think that a backpack capable of toting 3 liters of water would not be able to hold much else. The Camelbak Hawg has 1220 cubic inches of dry storage space for your sleeping bag or blankets and fresh clothes. The tough 500D Cordura fabric will insure that your possessions stay clean and dry despite the conditions you may face while riding.

Additional Features

This backpack can make packing-up and heading out on adventurous trail rides more enjoyable and easier. These additional features add even further incentive to take this pack on your next ride: Camelbak Hawg

•    Air Director Back Panel
•    Independent Suspension harness
•    External pocket for glasses, goggles, or NVG system
•    Leak-proof, screw-cap, insulated Pure Flow tube
•    Silent zipper

On top of all of this is a lifetime guarantee. This product is built to last, and built to provide a sensible alternative for your cargo and water hauling needs.

A hydration backpack can be used for much more than just mountain biking. Some equestrians love using these packs for trail riding on horseback. Using this pack avoids having to tie anything onto the saddle, which could flap around, spooking the horse. Those who ride dirt bikes on trails also enjoy the convenience of this bag. Hikers and trekkers enjoy the even weight distribution on this large backpack as well as the durable material. A Camelbak Hawg may be military tough, but it is also useful enough for you.


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