While some of us find that a single dog is already a handful, there are others who don’t mind having a couple of these furry kids around. Of course, in order to provide a healthy environment for your pooch, you will need to make sure your four-legged friend gets enough physical as well as mental exercise, so walking a dog is a must. For beginners, walking a couple of dogs could prove to be rather tricky, and you always run the risk of tripping over both their leashes whenever they get excited and start running circles around you. The Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash helps avoid any nonsense of that sort from happening, where it features twin retractable 10′ lengths of sturdy nylon cord which are wound within a durable sealed plastic housing. The cords are then fed through separate openings and spin within the housing, so that they will not cross each other and end up as a tangled mess in the process. The leash’s handgrip allows you to easily control both canines with but a hand, although you might think twice if you’ve a large breed dog (or two) since it doesn’t look that this can cope with the strength of larger pooches. Fancy forking out $49.95 for this?

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