While I don’t have diabetes, it is a disease that my family deals with everyday. I am particularly interested in how technology is able to fight this illness and like so many others, I hope that a one day a cure can be found. I just finished reading an article about Duedenal Bypass surgery and that current testing suggests it may someday be promising in actually offering a cure for type 2 diabetics. That’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, I guess we still need to do all the right things, and monitor our blood sugar. A new way to do that is with the Telcare Wireless Glucose Meter. The Telcare Meter actually automatically uploads your test results online, and the wireless connectivity is free. The meter and the test strips may be covered by your insurance and while you don’t need any additional hardware or an iPhone, there is an associated (award winning) app that auto synchs with your device. The Telcare meter will also remind you when to order supplies, which of course you can do… right from the device!

Your healthcare provider has the option to receive your readings, and to offer you feedback and coaching information right on your meter, and printable reports and graphs are viewable on your PC, Mac or smartphone, allowing you to spot trends, adjust personalized blood glucose target zones, and closely monitor your progress so you can be proactive with your diabetes management.

The Telcare Meter is available for under 100 bucks, with a contract that provides customers with discounted prices on the Telcare BGM and Test Strips, or for around 149 dollars without a contract. The website telcare.com has more purchasing and product information and it let’s you check to see if the cost might be covered by your insurance.


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