I can’t believe I didn’t see this company when I was at CES last January, but Telikin has created computers that were originally made for senior citizens, but could easily be made for any person, young and old.

According to their web site, Telikin has two designs. The first is the Telikin touch 18 inch touchscreen computer, and the second is the Telikin Elite, also a touchscreen. Each of them have similar features with an all-in-one design and virus resistant.

They are set up for email, video chat, web browsing, Wi-Fi ready, with a DVD and CD player. They also have a custom interface with built-in apps, photo viewing thru Facebook, MS-Compatible Word Processor, Calendar with notifications, address book with easy-connect, and Adobe Flash Support.

I have to admit that I like Telikin’s way of thinking, and I wouldn’t mind having one of their computer’s in my home as sort of a hub for the family. You know, a place to leave messages, maybe even give a few, quickly check email, Facebook, etc. Best of all, the kids’ grandmother could actually master it.

You should be able to find out more about Telikin from their official web site here. If you want to purchase one of their computers, the Touch is now at $699 and the Elite is at $999.

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