I think we all know that video game characters can do some pretty amazing things. Whether it be Lara Croft or Mario, we all would like to wall-jump or do things that would otherwise be impossible without proper training.

I would imagine that this has given rise to the fad known as freerunning, also known as parkour. I’m sure that you have seen movies like District B13 and Live Free or Die Hard where characters engage in chase scenes that take them from building to building, or the action game Mirror’s Edge.

If you want to know more about parkour, you can watch the video after the jump. It is the Tempest Freerunning Academy in California. I suppose that the closest thing that this could be called is an adult playground, but not in the sense of an adult movie.

This video has been showing up everywhere, with many comparing it to Super Mario Brothers or some other platforming video game. It does have that feel to it, and that new Super Mario Brothers for the Wii makes it possible for four characters to jump around. However, in the video game, the Mario family never got hurt when they hit each other. No one seems to be running into each other in this video, which would definitely result in an obvious injury.


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