In this day and age, getting things done instantly is more often than not the top priority of most folks. There is the microwave for instant TV dinners, instant noodles from the Japanese, heck, how about instant messaging on your desktop and mobile devices? This could be why even your little ones want instant frozen ice lollies – now as a working mom, just how are you going to cater to that whim?

Enter the Ten Minute Frozen Juice Pop Maker – the name itself is self-explanatory. This frozen juice pop maker will freeze up to a trio of homemade juice pops, taking a mere ten minutes to do so. The device will need to be primed in a freezer for 24 hours beforehand though, where it is capable to run for 30 minutes (that means making nine 2 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ frozen juice pops) before requiring a refreezing procedure in the freezer. Not exactly the best returns, but for $49.95 a pop (no pun intended), this might be just the thing to get for the summer.

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