Now here is something interesting that you might want to consider the next time you are thinking of going about remodeling your home – the £29.99 Tetris Light would be just the thing. After all, we do know that there are plenty of options when it comes to lighting up your home, and with the game of Tetris, there are seven different Tetrominoes for you to choose from. It is really interesting to see how phenomenal the game of Tetris had ended up ever since it was released from Soviet Russia all the way back in the early 1980s, ending up as one of the world’s favorite computer games to date. Heck, it even has a multiplayer version on the social network Facebook today.

Well, introduce a little bit of Tetris magic into your living room with the Tetris Lights that you see here. It does not matter where you place it, as it will light up in just the way your video game mind might work. If you collect all the different Tetrominoes, then you can play a very short game of Tetris on your very own – although there is no way you are able to obtain a perfect line clear with all the parts. At least this is one instance where money can get you just the right Tetromino.

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