Some of you might be looking at this picture of an iPhone balanced precariously in this puddle and be thinking “oh no”. It’s probably because you were using your iPhone near a pool, sink, or toilet, and then accidentally dropped it. In those seconds of helplessness, you knew that your precious iPhone was about to be drowned and possibly rendered useless.

What if you just didn’t have to worry about that? According to HzO’s Waterblock technology, a thin film nano-coating can provide a clear and near invisible layer of protection over the vital electronic circuitry within.

That is right, this company has created a method of a non-detectable WaterBlock to protect mobile devices. You would never know it is there, but it has to be done as the phone is being constructed. In other words, we now have the capacity to make all cellular phones water-resistant, at least in one meter of water. If I was a cellular phone company, I would be looking to HzO to WaterBlock my phone.

Of course, like all new technology, it might take a while to adopt it fully. However, I predict that this Waterblock will be a standard feature on most, if not all, phones. I wonder how many more years it will take.

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