There’s something going on with Occupy Wall Street—good, bad, monumental, anarchy, I don’t know—but there is a clear disparity between the 1% and the 99% and the voice of the 99% is slowly ringing louder. Here’s one way to get the 1% to pay even more attention: taint their money.

Occupy George is a movement that hopes to print and stamp infographics that highlight the economic disparity in the US and then circulate that money around the world. The point being they could ignore and muzzle the Occupy Wall Street movement but the 1% can’t ignore the money.

Facts like how 400 Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the country and pie charts illustrating the share of income growth and images saying this money is the future property of the 1% are all printed on dollar bills. It’s clever, probably illegal but if executed properly, could gain a lot of attention. I’d start printing and stamping $100 bills though… Check out the Occupy George movement here. [Occupy George]

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