While I was checking out the Flex-Fire in that back area of E3, I found some more completely new technology for video games. This time it was from Aiken Labs, a family-owned and operated company that, as far as I know, does not have Clay Aiken as a part of it.

What got my attention is what you will see in the video (located after the jump). You can watch as the man wearing the headband moves his head around, and the screen moves in direct response, as if he was in the virtual world itself. It is a radio based motion capture that is non-optical, and not based on cameras.

I realize that most people want to use this tech for video games. You can see in the image how Aiken labs has a Legend of Zelda axe, helmet, and shield with their square-shaped sensors. Yet this is not just designed to be used on video games either. The creators see a future where it could be used to emulate a mouse or keyboard. They even want to use it for motion capture, medical, and military applications.

In short, the possibilities are limitless! If you want to hear more on this nifty technology, go ahead and click here.

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