There is nothing that I like more than the application of augmented reality technology. What better way to use it than a virtual fitting room?

This is the VIPodium, and it uses Kinnect technology to show what clothes look like when on your person, without you ever having to put them on. You can see in the video after the jump how it works, but the clothes look rather super-imposed.

However, it is impressive that someone can turn around and see what the outfit looks like at all angles. So now you don’t have to ask whether or not this dress makes you look fat.

You can see in the video how the user selects an outfit from a scrolling menu, and can get information about it by touching a certain “i” button. The VIPodium even has social sharing tools so that users can share with their Facebook friends the outfit that they love so much. It also has a “Fit Communication” tool that has a quick electronic automatic interchange of garment-sizing measurements between the clothing retailers in order to get a perfect fit.

I wonder if we will ever get to the point where this technology will be so good, it will be like we are looking at ourselves in a mirror, but will have an entirely different outfit. We shall see.


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