Making the daily commute can prove to be quite a nightmare for some of us, especially when there are massive traffic gridlocks to think about as you are stuck in your car, while those who prefer to get a taste of how sardines feel like in a tin can always give the public transport grid a go. Either way, you can always soothe your nerves with your favorite beverage – and those who want to bring their hot coffee with them wherever they go can always consider the $29.95 Best Commuter Cup.

Not only is this model extremely easy to drink from even when you are traveling, it also does not leak when inverted. This is a truly spill-proof lid (works best when you screw it on properly, that goes without saying), where a simple button press will open up the lid to make it easier to drink. There is a reason why there are no handles on the Best Commuter Cup – this is to make sure it can fit in a car’s cup holder without missing a beat. Hot water poured within decreases in temperature by only 18º F after two hours, which means it retains heat far better than other models in the market.

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