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The Best of the 200 Unsung Features in iOS 5iOS 5 is certainly going to make a ton of iPhone users happy. Notifications are improved, iMessage will be awesome, Newstand looks nice, etc. But what about the other 200 features that’ll show up in iOS 5? There’s good stuff there too!

We’ve talked about other awesome features that got glossed over in the keynote already like Wi-Fi syncing, advanced gestures and dictionary everywhere, but we think other features are going to be just as awesome:

iPad Split Keyboard: The keyboard will be able to be ‘broken in half’ so it’ll be easier to type with your thumbs. This makes a ton of sense in portrait mode, as the current keyboard is too wide to effectively type with your thumbs and too small to comfortable type with the rest of your fingers.

LED Flash on incoming calls and alerts: I’m not sure if this is going to be useful or ridiculously annoying but it’s definitely going to grab your attention. Imagine receiving a call in the dead of night, that flash will be blaring for you to pick up the call.

Custom vibration patterns: There’s fewer joys than feeling a vibration in your pants and knowing exactly what that vibration meant. Ideally, you’ll be able to differentiate between the different alerts with custom patterns. I will definitely use this.

Hourly weather forecasts: Oh my god. Did Apple finally update the weather app? Given how bare bones the weather app is, hourly weather forecasts are going to be a god send. It’ll definitely make the stock weather app ‘good enough’ for most people.

Swipe to delete songs and playlists: You mean, I can finally delete a song from my phone without using iTunes? I’M NOT WORTHY.

Restore from iCloud: Makes sense, as we’re finally untying iPhones and iPads from computers that iOS devices can restore itself from the cloud by itself. This cloud thing is going to be quite cool.

Improved FaceTime quality: These are one of those slight updates that I probably won’t notice but given how good FaceTime looks already, it’ll be even nicer to get it even clearer.

Emoji emoticons: Life is happier with Emoji. That’s a verifiable fact.

There’s going to be a ton more little features that we’ll find when using iOS 5 so stay tuned (or let us know)!

Image Credit: MacLife

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