The Best Things About a Freak October Snow StormA massive and totally unseasonal snow storm hit the Northeast over the weekend, saddling millions of trick-or-treating runs with lame winter jackets and disapproving parents. But! There are some really great things about an extremely unseasonable nor’easter, too.

It’s an atypically convenient snow day

First, foremost, and forever: snow day. Snow day! If you’re still young enough to enjoy the full and total benefit of a snow day today, this is the jackpot. But for the rest of us, snow days are still an excuse to stroll into work a few minutes late (“Do you believe this weather?!”), or if it’s an option, work remotely from your cozy and hopefully well-heated bedroom/home office.

And not only does it fall on an inconveniently-placed Monday Halloween, but it comes early enough in the year that you haven’t been beaten down by the dreary winter yet. You’ve still got a few weeks’ worth of crisp, Autumn weather ahead. So we can enjoy this aberration for the unexpected day off that it is, instead of the beginning or high-water point of months of cold weather misery.

It gives you a head start on making ready for winter

The abrupt snow dump also means that you get a no-pressure reminder to get the hell ready. It should cut down on the panic buy rush for things like shovels and salt when it starts to get really nasty, and gives you time to give your heating systems a dry run, before they’re really needed. Yeah, that stuff is necessary right now if you’ve got a foot of snow in your driveway, but it’s better to get caught with your pants down now than in the middle of a week-long storm in December.

You also won’t be caught off guard with your wardrobe. If you’re anything like me, you just sort of dress how you dress, and before you know it, you’re walking home one night in freezing weather with a flimsy jacket and a head cold. Well, not this year! This was a warning shot across the bow to dust off the coats, scarves, and adorable earmuffs and make ready your winter weather battlements.

It’s hilarious fodder for climate change trolls

Perversely, my favorite result is the same one that comes up whenever the temperature drops a few degrees: “Yep—so much for global warming!” Forget for a moment that in the past year or two we’ve seen a record-breaking string of natural disasters that either goes some way to confirming extreme event climate change or means we’re definitely going to perish at the hands of some vengeful Mayan god next year. These comments are fun. The fervor; the vitriol; the unmitigated rage that is poured into the internet over something as trivial as a cool day in July or a snowstorm in the wrong month is plum delightful. Days are ruined, accounts are banned, and there’s laughter to be had by all.

It’s a good opportunity to think about your Holiday tech purchases

A lot of us spend the cold weather months nesting, or more frankly, never leaving our effing apartments ever. This makes our gadgets a lot more important, and if you’ve been meaning to make a purchase or upgrade, now’s the time to start doing research on what you need and what you want so you can swoop in and take advantage of the Black Friday and other miscellaneous deals. It’s one thing to know you need a laptop; it’s another to be able to drill down and hunt out that Samsung Series 9 Core i5 you’ve settled on.

It puts snow-centric costumes on the table

And lest we forget, it’s still Halloween, people. If you’re planning on celebrating tonight, Tuesday hangovers be damned, there’s still time to factor the snow into your costume. Like, say, a recreation of the Battle of Hoth centered around this bit of adorable. So get out there and make it happen.

Image Credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News

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